Thursday, April 17, 2014

Electronic Games

Wow. I have been away for awhile. I've really missed reading and writing the 100-word stories.  So glad to be back.  If you want to try your luck at this fun writing game, click on the Friday Fictioneer logo to the right. It will take you to the picture and give you the guidelines.

“OMG! What have you done?”
Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy
Alvin removed the headgear and handed it to Melvin. “Try this, Melvin. It’s so cool.”

“Cool!” Melvin felt the blood drain from his face. “Those are body parts, Alvin. Whatever you’re doing is not cool.”

“It’s a puzzle,” he said, his glassy eyes questioning. “I told you I was working on a new puzzle game. Just put this on, look through the lens and turn the knobs. The body parts come together in whatever sequence you choose.”

“I’m calling the police.”

“No, Melvin. You’re not.”

Alvin picked up an ax and walked toward his friend.”
100 words.


Monday, March 31, 2014

The Writing Process BLOG HOP

I'd like to thank Jan Morrill for inviting me to the “Writing Process” Blog Hop. Jan is a former President of OWLS and the author of The Red Kimono.  You can find her answers to the blog hop questions and get to know her at
1) What am I working on?  I just finished a YA suspense novel. So far two editors have requested to see it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  I'm always working on short stories, since those are probably my first love. 

 2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?  Well, for one thing, I don't write about vampires and shape shifters. Those don't interest me, so I prefer to stick to more traditional mysteries and suspense.

3) Why do I write what I do?  I’ve always loved mysteries. Give me a bowl of popcorn and a good mystery and you'll find popcorn all over the floor. There’s something exciting about having your heart race when you’re in a fight to solve a mystery or help someone before the killer gets to them. I’m talking fiction, of course.  I don’t wanna try that in real life.

4) How does your writing process work? Oh. wow.  I don’t have a set time. I do try to get up early on my days off to write. ( I work part time, so not everyday).  But I always have my computer out and sometimes I’ll grab a break and sit down and write.  And I know I shouldn’t admit this, but my part time job is a brainless job. So if we’re not busy, I’ll write on email and send it to my home email.  Clever, huh?
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