Sunday, March 22, 2015

Welcome Author Tierney James

Good morning, Tierney. Let’s start with a short bio so we can get to know more about you.

Most people know me as a teacher, mom and world traveler. Because my husband was in the mining industry I had opportunities to travel that most people only dream of. Raised in a steel town by parents from Tennessee, I was constantly reminded that just because I lived in the St. Louis area I was still a southerner. We didn’t have a lot of money growing up, but what we did have was lots of love, guidance and support. It might surprise you to know that two of my favorite pets were a pigeon named Herman and a chicken named Chick-a-Bitty. Most kids got dogs. Since my parents didn’t have much education it was important to them that I go as far as I could.

 You have a very diverse background. Do you consider yourself a daredevil?
I’m not a daredevil but I play one in my head when I write. From the time I was a little girl the action movies, camping, exploring, being a tomboy always appealed to me. I even considered going into the military at one point. Back then girls just didn’t do that kind of thing, or so my parents tried to tell me. I also wanted to be an astronaut. That was something else my dad assured me that girls didn’t do. I have done some exciting things like float the Okavango Delta in a boat not much bigger than an ironing board. There were hippos in the water I feared would raise up under my boat, throwing me into their huge jaws. Instead of playing it safe and doing my student teaching near home, I decided to go across the country and work on the Qualla Reservation. Okay. Maybe I am a daredevil.

 You write adventure/suspense-type novels. Is your life anything like that? Has it ever been?
Because I’ve traveled throughout the world and seen cultures up close and personal, I do try and bring that excitement and wonder to my writing. I’ve been mistaken for someone else and been questioned on occasion. After interviewing a resource for The Winds of Deception (due out June 8) someone came to the end of my driveway and took pictures of my house. I was warned that might happen. My life has been packed with adventure.

 What kinds of things, if any, scare you?
 I’m a geography so geo-political conflict is part of what I focus on. When things go sideways in Sudan or Uzbekistan I understand what the implications are. Terrorism scares me to death. I know what is going on to push the buttons of those people. Most Americans think it’s because they’re just crazy. Trust me there are reasons behind the madness. We are a loving, caring society that has little to no realization of how people in other cultures think and believe. The idea that our government is clueless is rather mind blowing.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?
Mostly I’m a plotter. I think, study and contemplate far in advance of who, what, when and where everything will take place. I keep a notebook of ideas for each novel. When I get stuck I refer to the notebook and write more ideas. Some of them I never use. It just breaks the log jam in my head. The pantser part is that although I know how the path the story needs to follow, I don’t always know how they’re going to get there. Things happen that surprise me.

 Do you know the ending of your story when you start writing?
 Yes, I generally know how the story will end I begin. I’m writing the Enigma Series. Even before I got Vol.I completed I knew what was happening in Vol. VI. To date I’ve written three in that series. My current work in progress started out in JANO this year. I have written about 62K words. Things are popping up all the time I haven’t anticipated. However, I already know who lives and dies at the end. I just have to get them there.

Give us a blurb about your book and tell us where we can find it.
Returning home in hopes of putting her life back together after several disastrous relationships, Fawn finds that the man who drove her away ten years earlier is waiting to pick up where he left off. Her father is determined to keep then apart and hide the secret that forced her to run away from her father’s mine engineer, Garrett Horton. He’s convinced Garrett wants Fawn’s inheritance and his lead mines. Nothing will stop Garrett this time from taking what he wants most-a heart as hard as the lead he brings up from the Ozark mines. Disasters usually make that impossible.



Twitter: @TierneyJames1

Please join me on this writing journey. My other books are An Unlikely Hero, Winds of Deception (June 8 release date) Zombie Meatloaf, There’s a Superhero in the Library

Thanks for having me!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Scarry Inn Street Team

If you love YA suspense, I’d love for you to join my street team.  The Scarry Inn is the first in a six-part series. Do a blurb here.


A street team is a group of readers who support an author’s books via social media and more. As a member of my street team, you’ll receive FREE advance reader copies (ARCs) of pre-released books, breaking news, behind-the-books tidbits and occasional swag. If you sign up, you’ll receive a FREE ARC ebook copy of The Scarry Inn, as well as the other books in the series before their release date.

It’s really very easy. And the good news is that it doesn’t require a lot of your time.

•             Reviews are the best way to help spread the word. Writing a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and even your own blog  helps to spread the word.

•             Mention my books on Twitter. Tweet your reviews, lines from the book, just mention you enjoyed the book and say why.

•             Do the same on Facebook so your friends and friends’ friends can see how much you liked it.

•             Tell your friends and co-workers.  Word of mouth is great way to spread the word.  Ask them to write reviews if they read the book.

Pass out SWAG . I’ll send you bookmarks and other promotional material periodically.

Reviews are the NUMBER ONE way to get the word out.  But we all know that not everyone likes the same thing. If you feel you don’t like the book enough to write a good review, please feel free to pass. I’ll understand. (I didn’t like The Fault in Our Stars!)

I’ll consider you among my best friends, so of course we’ll want to stay in touch. I’ll set up a Private FB  page called Shirley’s Street Team Facebook group. That’s where I’ll post the latest updates and you can talk to other team members. From time-to-time I may email the TEAM, but I promise not to send an abundance of emails.
How to sign up

Email me at  Put STREET TEAM in the subject line.