Monday, February 22, 2016

The Fall of Moscow Station by Mark Henshaw

Alden Maines has served his country as a CIA agent for years.  But when he's passed over for a promotion, his loyalty to his country wanes. Expecting a big payout, he flees to Russia to give up his fellow spies, but instead learns that The Russian government has the upper hand. They announce that Maines has officially defected to Russia, making it impossible for him to return to his homeland. They now force him to give up the names of his fellow agents against his will.

Kyra Stryker was a new CIA agent when Maines rescued her from a failed mission. It is now her job to find Maines and bring him home, while at the same time try and save as many agents as possible before the Russians can find them.

If you've ever wondered about the workings of covert spies, you'll want to read The Fall of Moscow. Henshaw obviously knows his stuff. This book takes you behind the scenes of The CIA, treason, and the Russian government.

Monday, February 1, 2016

River Road by Carol Goodman

Product DetailsA well-liked teacher, Nan Lewis, is accused of driving drunk and killing one of her students, Leia Dawson. She claims she hit a deer, then went out in search of it, only to pass out. But Leia is dead of a hit and run at the same spot where Nan claimed she hit the deer.

Nan refuses to believe she may be an alcoholic.  She'd started drinking a little to help numb the pain when her six-year old daughter, Emmy, died of a hit and run at the same spot where Leia had been killed. But now, even her co-workers and students fear that Nan, under the influence of alcohol, may be actually been responsible for Leia's death.

This is a gripping story from beginning to end. Emotions the reader can feel right up to the end will keep the reader engrossed in this story of love, loss, and forgiveness. River Road is a great read.